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Want To Have A Lot Of Money? This How To Be Rich In Order To Be Successful So A Billionaire!

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Want To Have A Lot Of Money This How To Be Rich In Order To Be Successful So A Billionaire

Westrive – Money is not everything, but everyone needs money to survive like to buy the necessities of life staple and so forth. That’s why a lot of people who want to know how to become rich.

It is undeniable, have a lot of money aka rich can make life easier. You can live in a comfortable home, not dizzy at the thought of eating day-to-day to be able to use a nice shirt to support the appearance.

However, be rich indeed not easily achieved. You need effort and hard work to achieve it. Not even a little billionaire who spent his youth with work, work and work.

An example is the richest person number 2 in the world, Bill Gates who spend their days more than twenty years in office, including during weekends. Proven, is now the owner of the Microsoft it has a total wealth reached US$ 121,5 billion or equivalent to Rp 1.704 trillion.

Therefore, be rich kingdom can be achieved by anyone of origin would continue to strive, work and of course unyielding.

How do I become rich?

How To Be Rich In Order To Be Successful So A Billionaire
How To Be Rich In Order To Be Successful So A Billionaire

There are several ways that you can do to get a lot of the coffers of wealth. What? Here in between:

Wisely manage the financial

Not a few people who do not know how to manage finances wisely. It’s the thing that makes them often entangled in the pits of debt due to always run out of money before the end of the month.

If these conditions continue, let alone become rich and have a lot of money that there are. Old time you spent to find the money to buy the necessities of life day-to-day.

Because of that, the importance you can manage your finances with sage is one of the things. That you can do that by applying the theory of financial management from Elizabeth Warren namely the 50/20/30.

Harvard professor while financial experts suggest that you divide the expenses into several financial posts, namely:

50 percent for everyday needs, including mortgage and insurance.
20 percent diverted to savings and investment.
30 percent can be used for the needs of a lifestyle like shopping to get some coffee at the coffee shop / café.
However, if you have a debt load that is large enough and in need of money per month more than 50 percent, you can reduce spending lifestyle and diverted to pay the mortgage.

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Both be one of the ways to become rich that you can choose. Because, by investing the money that you issued can grow double in a certain period of time.

However, you need to carefully choose the instrument the right investments so your money is not sold out. Because of the investments that you select a total failure.

How to choose the right investment?

Before plunging into the world of investing, the first thing you need to know that the risk profile of you. The point is how much you can bear the loss. By doing so, you can determine the right kind of investment.

There are three types of risk profiles that can be customized with your characters, namely:

Conservative i.e. cannot receive a great risk. Investment instruments that are suitable for conservative investors that the investment movement in the capital market more stable and minimal risks such as money market mutual funds, gold, deposits and bonds.
Moderate namely investors can accept the risk of being that is not big and not small. If you have that character, you can be poured funds in the sector of the mixed mutual funds and P2P lending.

Aggressive generally intended for investors who have long played in the capital market. And thus already know the workings of the investment instrument range. Investors with an aggressive character can generally accept great risks so that the profits obtained are also great. This type of investment suitable for aggressive investors that mutual fund shares, stocks and other.
After knowing the profile risikomu, next that is poured funds consistently. And do the diversification that is invested in various instruments to minimize the loss.

Thanks to the investment, a lot of people who are successful have a lot of money to become a billionaire. Don’t have much-much, for example, just Lo Kheng Hong. Touted as the Warren Buffett of Indonesia who is known to have the wealth to $ 2.5 trillion.

Be aware, Lo Kheng Hong benefit of 12,500 per cent over the past six years. In 2005, Lo Kheng Hong buying shares in PT. Multibreeder Adirama Indonesia. Tbk Rp 250 per lot and in 2011 the company’s stock price has increased to Rp 31.500 per lot.


It is no secret that the way to become rich experienced by many people. Namely to plunge into the world of business. Proven, almost the entire billionaire is a businessman. As Jeff Bezos that the richest person number 1 in the world who have Amazon business.

While in Indonesia itself there are Hartono brothers who successfully established a wide range of business sectors. Ranging from property to property and become the richest person in Indonesia with a total wealth reached US$ 38.8 billion or equal to Rp 545 trillion.

Especially with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology that already made you can more easily develop your business. You can even utilize the internet to start a business as well as promote it.

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Even so, you still need to prepare the concept and a mature strategy so that your business doesn’t stop in the middle of the road aka bankrupt. In addition, although small, but the name of the business remains in need of capital to establish and develop business.

Unfortunately, not a few business people who experience problems develop business because it does not have enough funds. As a result, a lot of orders, or orders which had to be rejected because it does not have the availability of the goods.

But now you don’t have to worry anymore because you can overcome these obstacles by applying for loans venture capital in the Westrive. What is it Westrive?

Westrive is a company engaged in financial technology, which offers financial services for businesses who provide products or services in the field of education. Because, Westrive has a vision to support the transformation of education in Indonesia.

To help the businessmen in the field of education in order to develop its business, Westrive offers two types of working capital loans that working capital loans and invoice financing.


Working capital loan is intended for the owners of educational institutions that can more optimally in carrying out teaching and learning activities such as buying a learning tool, to build a school/courses and other.

Loans range from $ 50 million to billions of dollars with a flat rate per month ranging from 0.9 percent to 2 percent. You can choose a tenor refund up to 24 months.

While invoice financing is a loan with the guarantee of the bill of the customer that is already running. A loan that you can get that 80 percent of the invoice value or minimum of Usd 50 million to billions of dollars with a term reaches six months.

Different with the working capital loan, type of loan that one is applying the effective interest rates ranging from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent. Interestingly of interest, namely the effective payment of the mortgage each month will be smaller based on the principal debt, which is increasingly reduced.

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Finance Learner Hello, I'm Writer at Westrive. Learn How to Become a Self-Taught Finance Expert. Let's Enjoy finance like never before.

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