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How to Generate Money from the Internet Let me Rich in a Year!

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How to Generate Money from the Internet Let me Rich in a Year!

Westrive – Along with the increasingly sophisticated technology, is certainly very easy for people in a day including in search of sustenance. However, not a few people who do not know how to generate money from the internet.

It is undeniable, it does provide a myriad of benefits to the community ranging from easy to get information, communicate to generate money. You could even sell by only relying on smartphones and also the internet.

Proven, is now a lot of sellers who peddle their wares on site selling and social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Without the need to spend additional capital to open offline stores, you can be a successful entrepreneur.

Not only that, the advancement of the internet also brings a range of new jobs with a fantastic income, as an influencer, content creator to social media. In fact, not a few influencers that started his career in the entertainment world because viral on the internet.

So it can be concluded that many of the ways that you can do to generate money from the internet. But how? Check out his review below.

Become an influencer

How to Generate Money from the Internet Let me Rich in a Year
How to Generate Money from the Internet Let me Rich in a Year

The digital world is more advanced indeed managed to deliver a lot of people become famous and have a bountiful treasure one become an influencer.

No doubt, fee or payment obtained influencers to upload the photo or video in your social media accounts hers could reach millions of dollars. So, the more the number of followers or engagement of his, the greater the pay they receive.

The magnitude of the fee which is obtained as an influencer, even making the celebrities Ground Water also flocked to reap income from social media personality.

For example the only pair of famous artist in Indonesia, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. As quoted from various sources, both put up a tariff of up to Rp30 million posts photos in the feed Instagram @raffinagita1717.

Raffi dan Gigi also set a tariff of rp 100 million to Rp175 million if anyone is interested in using his services for promotion on Instagram live with a duration of 10 minutes.

If in a single day Raffi dan Gigi receive services endorse the upload photo on Instagram as much as 30 photos. Then, the couple married in 2014 it could be pocketing income Rp30 million x 30 i.e. 900 million.

The amount does not include the tariff Instagram live, Instagram TV to video post in the feed or story. Can you imagine how much revenue they get in one day?

Investing in the investment

Investment is one way that can be done to have a lot of money. The reason to invest funds to one of the investment instruments, you will get the advantage of a yield that will keep your money growing.

For example, you plunge in the stock investment by buying shares of A company of Rp10 million. Be aware the price of 1 lot of shares in the company A Rp2.000 in year 2015. Then, you will have to get 5,000 lots stock company A.

After a six-year investment, the stock price of company A increased to reach Rp8.000 per lot. If you sell all the shares that you have. Then, you will acquire the Rp8.000 x 5.000 lot of stock that is Rp40 million.

Means the profit you get from investing the stock during the six years that Rp40 million – Rp10 million which Rp30 million. Pretty nice isn’t it?

However, both also known for its high risk high return that profits and losses equally high. So, the higher the yield is given, the greater the risk you should take.

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Therefore, you should carefully choose the type of investment so that the money you’re not sold out because choosing the wrong instruments. Here are some tips:

Know your risk profile. Investors are divided into three characters, namely conservative (small risk), moderate (medium risk) and aggressive (big risk). Select investment instruments in accordance with your character.

Understand how investments work. After knowing the risk profile you must understand the workings of the instrument you select. If you are beginners and not able to read the movement of the market, it is advisable to choose a mutual fund because the fund you will be managed by experienced investment manager.

Do diversify. To minimize losses, investors are advised to divert funds to several types of investments with different risk levels. For example, you can invest in stocks and fixed-income funds, if the stock investment at a loss, then there is still fixed income mutual funds that give you an advantage.

Plunge into the business

The business also be a way for you who want to earn more income and become rich. Evidently, the majority of a billionaire, is a businessman.

For example, the richest people in Indonesia, the Hartono brothers who according to Forbes has a wealth of up to US$ 38.8 billion or equivalent to Rp 545 trillion through a variety of business they have, ranging from free to property.

Even the business world is also considered by the celebrities because it is a business can create wealth doubled. Coupled with the development of technology that enables you in running the business.

You can do business with relying on the internet such as selling sites sell and buy and social media. So, the opportunity to get the broad market will be more wide open so the profit achieved also maximal.

However, so that your business runs as expected, you should choose a business sector that is always in demand. One of them is by selling a product or service in the field of education. Why?

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It is undeniable that every individual requires education as a provision for his future. Therefore, the demand for education will always be there starting from children to adults.

Well, one way to develop the scale of your business in the field of education, namely by becoming a seller SIPLah because you’ll get more market and widely namely the education unit in the whole of Indonesia.

SIPLah is a program made by the Government which aims to simplify the process of procurement of goods and services in the school.

Unfortunately, the seller SIPLah often experienced difficulties in running the business, one does not have sufficient funds to meet all orders from buyers who made it his business to be inhibited.

But now the seller SIPLah no need to worried again because of these problems can be overcome by filing a financing PO in the Westrive. What is it Westrive?

Westrive is a company of financial technology that provides financial services to businesses in the field of education to be able to run and develop the business.

All transactions in the Westrive also secured because Westrive already have licensed and supervised by FSA and are listed at AFPI. In fact, Westrive also apply the standard privacy policy based on the ISO 27001:2013 certification, which will ensure the data and information of the borrower.

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Finance Learner Hello, I'm Writer at Westrive. Learn How to Become a Self-Taught Finance Expert. Let's Enjoy finance like never before.

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