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Causes and How to Prevent Financial Distress in the Family

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Causes and How to Prevent Financial Distress in the Family

WestriveFinancial distress is often the trigger of quarrels and be the cause of the expiration of the household. Admittedly, the money has an important role in life. However, do not let this be the cause of family breakdown.

Broadly speaking, financial distress is a condition of the financial problems that can not be avoided when married. Not only a newly married couple, but the pair are already a dozen years menage also experienced the same thing.

Financial problems can arise anytime without knowing the time. Therefore, you have to find a way to prevent it. Moreover, you have to prepare funds the education of the Child.

The needs of the higher life, of course, be a challenge for the Parent Westrivers. In order to avoid family conflicts, you and your partner must make the financial records to conduct the evaluation.

Until now, the case of financial distress in Indonesia is quite high. This was due to the lack of financial planning that is done by the family. To work around this, you can prevent it in this way:

Build Teamwork in Regulating Financial

If you and the couple often argued about the income of each, you should get rid of the habit. You can work together to manage the finances in order to remain compact and transparent in financial terms

Later, you will be spared from the financial stress in the family finances. Then, you and the spouse can find out the income and expenditure that is conceptualized.

Create Good Communication

Financial distress has a negative impact if there is no good communication between you and your partner. Don’t you be lazy to communicate with a partner, especially about finance.

You can start to talk about it and open with each other so that financial problems can be resolved. Talk about good for the financial, credit card, debt to savings.

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Make A Deal

Before using money, we recommend that you make an agreement in advance with the partner. For example, determine what percentage of money to be saved and how the amount of fees used to pay bills and other.

Planning Financial

As a partner of life, you and your partner must draw up financial planning according to the agreement made. It aims to make financial conditions remain stable, though there will be problems that come up.

Financial planning you can make is drawing up a household budget per month and adapted to the conditions of finance. The budget can be a budget which is allocated to pay the bills, the cost of children’s education, investment, and emergency funds.

Reduce the lifestyle of the Consumer

Financial distress cases can also be caused by consumptive behavior you and your partner. Lifestyle consumptive indeed it gives pleasure by itself, but it also has a bad impact on our financial condition.

Consumer behavior can be regarded as waste. Meanwhile, the waste can be defined as excessive behavior, since not to think about what it takes.

The solution is that you can distinguish between wants and needs. Don’t until you and the couple spend money for things that are not important. Therefore, the hungry eyes is very dangerous and compromises the financial condition.

Do Both

Investment is considered as the land cuan that can only be done by the rich. In fact, already a lot of investment instruments that can be selected by beginners. In addition, the risk of loss is also very low.

Not only save money, but the investment can be profitable in the foreseeable future. If you do not want to take the risk, then you can choose gold investment, mutual funds, and deposits.

So that the financial condition you more transparent, it can be set up or set up a savings plan.

Make A Savings Plan

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Savings plans have fairly strict system in regulating the cash flow finance. The solution is, you can separate savings account with the funds daily.

If you already have a savings plan, will fund the education of the child will be kept safe. Also make sure you use the money monthly with sage.

For example, set aside money that can be withdrawn automatically. If the balance of a savings account is less, you will be charged a fine by the bank. So, you need to prepare a special fund for savings plan.

The cause of the Emergence of Financial Distress in Indonesia
financial distress is

As already described, financial planning is very important. Even though it looks easy, but there are still many people who could not apply it.

Therefore, you have to learn it first. Here are the causes of financial problems in the family:

The Difference In Lifestyle

When married, you have to adjust your lifestyle with a partner. Therefore, you have to compromise with a partner to customize it.

you can talk about it with a good-better together couples. Next, invite your spouse to discuss while looking for a solution in order not to experience financial problems in the future.

Income that is Not Balanced

Financial Stress of Young Family
Financial Stress of Young Family

The difference in income can be a trigger rift household. If the husband has a higher earnings of the wife and vice versa, then there is a burden that is felt.

If it was left, of course, there will be quarrels which is alluded to by you or by the pair. In fact, the income of the husband or wife is the needs of the family that became a shared responsibility.

Preferably, talking about this with your spouse and find its midpoint. This was done so that you avoid family conflicts, especially financial problems.

Have No Savings

There is no harm if you start saving from now. However, you should discuss it first with a partner. Savings play an important role to regulate cash flows of the family finances.

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If you have savings, the entire future needs will be met, especially for the children’s education funds.

For Parent Westrivers which requires the cost of education, Westrive be the best alternative for you who need a loan emergency fund.

The institution of financial technology to help you in setting up education funds for your children. Westrive has also been officially registered and supervised by OJK.

In addition to providing loan funds for the education of students and parents, Westrive also help to develop the procurement of books to educational facilities. If you want to apply for a loan education fund, you can visit the site Westrive.

If you want to avoid financial distress, then set aside money per month. Financial problems can’t be solved easily, because you have to find the solution with your spouse.

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Finance Learner Hello, I'm Writer at Westrive. Learn How to Become a Self-Taught Finance Expert. Let's Enjoy finance like never before.

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